Central Arkansas Firefighters - Christmas Boot Drive

Every family should have a Christmas filled with hope and love.
For years firefighters in central Arkansas have been working to provide gifts to local families in need through donations from kind-hearted folks during the busiest shopping season of the year!


Get a christmas Boot

Collecting donations at your business or organization is a great way for staff, small groups, or clubs to give back! 
Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a donation goal:
    Green: $250 | Supports 5 kids
    Red: $500 | Supports 10 kids
    Silver: $1000 | Supports 20 kids
    Gold: $2500 | Supports 50 kids

  2. We’ll deliver your boot on November 1st!

  3. Rally the troops and fill the boot!
    You'll have until November 30th to reach your donation goal.


Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Secret Shoppers:
    Use provided funds to purchase gifts from a child’s list.

  2. Retail Boot Rally:
    Join our boots on the ground, collecting donations on Black Friday weekend!

  3. Wrapping Ninjas:
    Throw your own wrapping party, or join us for a wrapping event on December 12th!

News and Events

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Contact our director Charlie Bates at
(870) 403-4305  |